About Us

This is who we are, and this is what we do.

Dr Andrew Norton

Dr Andrew Norton is the Director of Renuables developing the LCA and Materials based projects. His specialisation is in developing transparent LCA methods and has worked on renewable materials R&D for over 15 years. During which time he has assessed a wide range of industrial, agricultural and forest based systems, from food commodities to high-tech materials. He has enjoyed working with and advising the likes of Imperial College, Lotus Engineering, the World Bank, DEFRA and UPM Tillhill. As well as leading the development of LCA and BIM tools for the CAP’EM Project, he is also kept busy producing and verifying EPDs for a wide range of commercial clients. He advises the European Commission in regards to the production of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) category rules and sits on the BSI committee for sustainable and bio-materials.

Prof Callum Hill

Prof Callum Hill works on EPD development as well as our chemistry based projects. He is an authority on sustainability and has been researching the science behind renewable materials for 18 years. He is the author of two text books, over 150 research publications and three book chapters. He has conducted research into wood modification, timber properties, natural fibre reinforced composites, natural insulation materials and biopolymers. He took up the Edinburgh Research Partnership Chair of Materials Science at the Forest Products Research Institute of Edinburgh Napier University in 2007. Callum is a Fellow of the Institute of Wood Science and the International Academy of Wood Science and the UK representative on the Forest Products and Services Domain Committee of COST.

Dr James Walmsley

Dr James Walmsley is our biomass and energy consultant. For over 10 years James has been studying, working and teaching in the field of environmental management, gaining a range and breadth of expertise through both full-time study and numerous employments in the environmental sector. James is a regular presenter at conferences, workshops and seminars, including the RecAsh International seminars and the World Bioenergy Conferences.